Label Assessment

In order to be holder of our label and be listed in our directory (Standard, Licenses, Certificates, Users, Rank) please contact: Holistic Strategic Management Consultancy Services.


The assessment process includes:

  • Documentation and training on Matrix-Q Knowledge, Tools, Skills & Technology according to customer needs or challenges.
  • Matrix-Q DNA (Profile)
  • Assessment of capacity of responsible application (foot print prevention).
  • Assessment of systemic collective intelligence.
  • Ranking : points, belts and capacity of application.
  • Score Card – Quantification of Value
  • Licenses for the number of C-Collar leaders and employees in charge of implementing the Matrix-Q Innovations and leading change management by applying Matrix-Q Standard.

Certificates, Licenses & Label Validity: is renewed and extended if eligible, after correctly undergo continuous training and evaluation, for reasons of brain plasticity. As a sportiest would continue training to enhance performance. [More details.] For this purpose yearly, season trainings are provided, e-games for online continuous supervised application, evaluation, ranking. A Matrix-Q A.I. Coach will assist users in their enhancement program.