Organizations, teams and individuals receive a number of points and rank, describing their fields of expertise (knowledge), skills and application capacity.

In particular the 9+ Belts represent their ability to apply Matrix-Q Knowledge, Skills, Tools and Technology under certain challenging conditions as follows:

  • [Ɵ] Primordial Master
  • [9+]. Golden Belt
  • [9].Black Belt DAN V
  • [8].Green Belt
  • [7].Black Belt DAN III
  • [6].Black Belt DAN II
  • [5].Black Belt DAN I
  • [4].Black Belt DAN
  • [3].Blue Belt
  • [2].Yellow Belt
  • [1].White Belt
  • [0].Candidate to white Belt

Details on the challenges and skills necessary for each belt are given to the candidates along their training.

Certificates, Licenses & Label Validity: is renewed and extended if eligible, after correctly undergo continuous training and evaluation, for reasons of brain plasticity. As a sportiest would continue training to enhance performance. [More details.] For this purpose yearly, season trainings are provided, e-games for online continuous supervised application, evaluation, ranking. A Matrix-Q A.I. Coach will assist users in their enhancement program.