A Certificate is in general a designation earned by a person to assure qualification to perform a job or task.

Matrix-Q Certificates, should be associated to a respective license which authorizes the user to engage into certain field of application, responsibility, function or role. Without a license the certificate only indicates the number of units completed by the attendee and does not assure any qualification to perform a job or task.


If an attendee to a course or training have received an attendance certificate,  it only means the trainer can confirm the attendee was there, did attend. A certificate does not give any information related to the ability of an individual to apply the content of the training responsibly.

In the same understanding that if an individual reads a book or a student attend to lessons of a frontal education course (transfer of information only) does not imply any of them is able to apply the content (information transferred by) the book or the lessons.

In the case of systemic knowledge, an attendee must complete application skills for each systemic level of application.  The evaluation of systemic competences follows a procedure that takes at least a year and must be validated/renew yearly. Which is the reason why after a course a certificate of attendance is given only.

License Yearly Upgrade [Brain Plasticity, Neuroplasticity & Activity-Dependant Plasticity]

Matrix-Q Experiential education, which includes emotional intelligence skills building associated to the content of study, application skills, as well as systemic competences building among others. One of the main challenge with the human capital among others is the human brain plasticity. As a sportiest without continues training will lose the ability of being effective and keep a performance level, as well the content facilitated through Matrix-Q experiential education should be applied, practiced, developed the skills, and at least yearly upgraded and the users re-evaluated. If their capacity has not improved, at least should not have decreased.

For more details about the systemic competences evaluation program, quantification of human capital value and licenses process please contact us.

Certificates, Licenses & Label Validity: is renewed and extended if eligible, after correctly undergo continuous training and evaluation, for reasons of brain plasticity. As a sportiest would continue training to enhance performance. [More details.] For this purpose yearly, season trainings are provided, e-games for online continuous supervised application, evaluation, ranking. A Matrix-Q A.I. Coach will assist users in their enhancement program.


Make note of the certificate number, and holder name, and contact us for a validation of authenticity and affiliation. All certificate holders are registered in our archive, with respective references to the trainings they have completed, licenses, permits and rank.

Certificates vary in layout and format. The certificate format and layout changes every Solstice and Equinox for security reasons.  The layout is shared online for purpose of protection of our customers and rightful certificate holders. Our intention is to prevent unlawful copy and use of certificates. (*)

(*) A Matrix-Q Certificate offers detailed information on the number of units of training and level of application of the content facilitated, as well if there has been a rank assessment and any license has been provided or right given.


LAYOUT S04. Fall Season

AMOUNT: 8 Certificates have been awarded to attendees of our training programs.

RANK STATUS [DISTRIBUTION] The certificates holders have completed the necessary training units for application of the Matrix-Q Knowledge only for self-education purposes. They are not qualified trainers nor have licenses for commercial use or use of Matrix-Q Tools for strategic management or any other specific task, role or responsibility. A complementary training is necessary for completion of skills.