It is an official permission or permit to do, use, or own something.

In the case of Matrix-Q Knowledge, Tools, Skills and Technology, a license granted to an user give some rights of use, according to certain conditions that need to be fulfilled on advanced and verified at least yearly.

Certificates, Licenses & Label Validity: is renewed and extended if eligible, after correctly undergo continuous training and evaluation, for reasons of brain plasticity. As a sportiest would continue training to enhance performance. [More details.] For this purpose yearly, season trainings are provided, e-games for online continuous supervised application, evaluation, ranking. A Matrix-Q A.I. Coach will assist users in their enhancement program.


Provided only after evaluation of user capacity of responsible application of the respective Matrix-Q Knowledge, Tools, Skills, Methods and Technology associated to the licenses below:

  • Trainer [ Matrix-Q Education Method ]
  • Coach [ Matrix-Q Coaching Method ]
  • Consultant [ Matrix-Q Consultancy Method ]
  • Innovator (Researcher) [ Matrix-Q Research & Innovation Tools ]
  • Leader [ Matrix-Q Leadership Knowledge ]
  • CxO [ Matrix-Q CxO Knowledge ]
  • SDG Entrepreneurship [ Matrix-Q SDG Knowledge ]

License may be granted for commercial use or for non commercial use only.

License may be granted for public (state) or private use only.

As well licenses may limit the application to the user organization only (internal use, change management) or for the organization customers or beneficiaries (external use) for profit, not for profit, commercial or non commercial purposes.


  • Are affiliated to the Matrix-Q Research Institute as members of the Matrix-Q Ecosystem, license holders membership.
  • A yearly complementary training, upgrade/update is provided to them, and a yearly evaluation is included, for the purpose of verifying the fitness of the license holder to commit to the license conditions, and user qualifications according to rank and certificate provided. Or in general for upgrade purposes.
  • An upgrade can be requested at any solstice or equinox.
  • License holders also share an online platform which provides to them information, updates and complementary e-learning services, games and publications.


License holders are listed in this website.

Between 1993 and 2018 L.D Maldonado Fonken has provided training and coaching to more than 100 students per year, for versions of its body of work previous to Matrix-Q Knowledge (2016-2019). The certificates provided between 1993 and 2015 are not valid any more. A mayor upgrade in the body of work has been achieved between 2011 and 2018 and for that reason, certificate holders (3 with no license) and students without certificate and licenses, should complete a complementary training and upgrade of knowledge and skills, in order to prevent an unnecessary foot print.

In this page the list of license holders will be made public, for purpose of protecting users and license holders from unlawful use or unlawful ownership of knowledge by not authorized third party.


Each license document has a code and name associated, contact us with the details, and we will be able to verify if the document is valid, and inform you on the training units content and qualifications of the license holder, if apply.


For privacy reasons, license holders may prefer not to have listed their names here, but the number of license holders will appear and we can alway provide information for security purposes, if justified. For example if you ask: “is Mr Muster Mustermann holder of a Matrix-Q Certificate or Matrix-Q License? We are allowed to answer with YES or NO. Additional levels of information may be provided under certain conditions.


As for 2018 December, there is no license holder in our directory. So far all students that have received certificates do not qualify yet for becoming a license holder.