Matrix-Q Education Label










  • STANDARD: Matrix-Q Education
  • VERSION (Edition): 2018 [First edition/version 1993]
  • LABEL: Matrix-Q Education Alpha
  • STATUS: First assessment as been completed, which includes Holistic Strategic Management indicators (organization, business model, human capital), as well as Matrix-Q Education indicators (relevant for tasks and skills, methods necessary for trainers, coaches,as well as for the Matrix-Q education method and algorithms, learning process, education materials. Including Matrix-Q Quotient of Intelligence the organization and learning programs is able to challenge its team members and students and the gamification level achieved – business process, learning process ).
  • HOLDER: The Holder as completed an assessment process by Holistic Strategic Management Consultancy Services, and have received a report, information, guidelines and suggestions, as for the advancement of their organization and education programs, “the next milestones” necessary for the next level of the Matrix-Q Education Standard (The Betha Label).
  • RANK: The Matrix-Q Education Alpha Label is the first of the rank (foundation assessment).


Holders of the Matrix-Q Education Alpha Label

Following are the holders of the Alpha Label:

e-Learning design and production

Germanix Learning focuses on developing gamified language learning experiences which are immersive, story-driven and entertaining.

Learning a new language is a long journey. While not everyone has the luxury to travel to other countries to experience language immersion, a simulated journey would be a good substitution where learners can immerse themselves in an adventure with the objective of practicing real life situations and challenges.
This leads to a more engaged learning experience that facilitates better knowledge retention.

Germanix received the Matrix-Q Education Alpha Label in March 2018.

  • STANDARD: Matrix-Q Education
  • VERSION (Edition): 2018 [First edition/version 1993]
  • LABEL: Matrix-Q Education Theta
  • STATUS: The Theta Label means the completion of skills and acquisition of knowledge necessary for facilitating an education (learning) process according to Matrix-Q Education Standard, including e-learning design, Matrix-Q Intelligence Enhancement, providing training to trainers of trainers, evaluation of skills, knowledge, assignment of rank and capacity of providing training and evaluation for certificates, licenses.
  • HOLDER: The Holder as completed 9 levels assessment process and training by Holistic Strategic Management Consultancy Services, and completed the “the milestones” necessary for the Matrix-Q Education Standard (The Theta Label).
  • RANK: The Matrix-Q Education Theta Label is the 9th of the rank (Responsible Application [right of use]).


Holders of the Matrix-Q Education Theta Label

Following are the holders of the Theta Label:


Non Violent Martial Arts

The Prime Do School provides training for business, personal development, self-management, burnout prevention, through the application of practices, techniques, of an ancient nature inspired martial art, rediscovered through scientific research (Matrix-Q Research Institute) on nature inspired knowledge and technology of ancient cultures and civilizations in Europe-Asia.

The Prime Do school received the Matrix-Q Education Theta Label in January 2018.


Matrix-Q Co-creativity, Consultancy and training services.

Focus on collective systemic intelligence and sustainable growth achieved through gender skills and co-creativity leadership, the next level in gender knowledge applied for sustainable development. (after gender equality, equity, balance, diversity, inclusivity, .. gender co-creativity solve the conflict between genders and focus on achieving collective intelligence and sustainable growth in a global scale for the human species in general).

Matrix-Q Research Institute received the Matrix-Q Education  Theta Label in December 2018.