Matrix-Q Standard


The Matrix-Q PTƟ Standard offers a systemic set of principles and guidelines for the application of the Matrix-Q PTƟ Know How.


Is a private network or professionals and organizations intentional candidates or holders of Matrix-Q Licenses, certificates, labels, multidisciplinary researchers and candidates to students, attendees of courses and trainings, and customers.

The Matrix-Q PTƟ Standard is utilized by members of the Matrix-Q Ecosystem as a platform for communication, collaboration and generation of value, according to the Matrix-Q Knowledge & Principles.

The aim of the Matrix-Q Ecosystem is to promote, protect, develop and innovate from and with the foundation of Matrix-Q Knowledge, Tools, Skills, Technology & Standard.


Matrix-Q PTƟ Know How is the foundation knowledge of all Methods, Trainings, Skills, Technology and Tools utilized by the Matrix-Q companies/organizations and projects. [ HSMƟ (Holistic Strategic Management Consultancy), Matrix-Q Research Institute, MQ9 Matrix-Quotient 9 Solutions B.V. , Stichting Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken and their projects, and their customers and associated holders of a label or license ]

Matrix-Q PTƟ is a nature inspired, holistic, synergetic and systemic know how.

Matrix-Q PTƟ:

  • Primordial [Original, Natural, Ancient]
  • Technology [Knowledge, System, Technique, Method, Tool]
  • Theta [9, Complete, Advanced, Holistic, Perfected].
  • Matrix: array of numbers, symbols, cyphers, content or expressions
  • Matrix-Q: Matrix-Quotient of IntelligenceMatrix-Q PTƟ Core know how has been developed by the study of nature principles, rhythms, cycles and laws. DNA Generation Algorithms, as well by the study of the human factor (Human Potential, Stages of Development, Matrix-Quotient of Intelligence); and by the study of nature inspired know how and technology of ancient civilizations and cultures in ancient Eurasia: Europe, Nordic modern Eurasia (Russia, India, China, Japan, Egypt, Arabia, Persia, Asia).

    Matrix-Q PTƟ Know Know for strategic management creates a futurist and visionary bridge between ancient cultures and technology, current sustainable development global needs and modern holistic strategic management.

    Matrix-Q PTƟ Core applications have evolved since 1987 as tools and algorithms for self-management, assessment, quantification of value, project management, holistic strategic management, leadership, education, social management, scientific research, wealth generation, technology innovation, governance.

    Continous multidisciplinary research at the Stichting Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken intents to develop novel applications of Matrix-Q PTƟ in fields: A.I., ICT, Neuroscience, Biotechnology, Life Span, Human Potential, Gender, DNA Studies, Engineering, Geo-Location Assessment, Energy, Holistic Strategic Management, Education, Social Management, Governance, Sustainable Development, Peace, Human Rights, Wealth Generation, Resilience, Family, Culture, Nature Care and others. [ Matrix-Q Research Institute : Research Projects, Experiential Projects]